The Sea Serpent is one of the largest creatures in the game. It has wing-like front flippers, cranial spikes and spikes along its back and tail, but the Sea Serpent lacks any hind legs.

Sea Serpents are classified as Huge creatures, so both ground and aerial attacks will injure them. They are capable of inflicting multiple blows in a single turn, as well as inflicting several debilitations such as Torpor and Silence on their enemies. They can take a heavy amount of punishment as they are very hardy creatures. Upon reaching low health, Sea Serpents will also charge up for a powerful rushing attack that could kill the Arisen's party in a single blow. It is vital to kill or at least stun the creature during the period when it charges up, for sometimes even blocking will not spare the party from the devastating attack.

It is said that larger and more powerful versions of the Sea Serpent roam the Everfall.

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