Celestial Scholar
Vocation Celestial Scholar
Vocation No. 141
Attack Type Ground, Magick (Varies)
Rarity High Rare, *****
Obtainable Forsaken Isle Dungeon, Gacha

The Celestial Scholar is a unique spellcasting Pawn. Celestial Scholars draw their power from the seven celestial bodies, and thus their attacks will differ depending on the day of the week.

Celestial Scholars are made available with 2 King Behemoth Regal Horns, 2 Medusa Snake Hairs, 50,000 RC and the appropriate Vocation token.

The Celestial Scholar's magick powers according to day:

Day Magick
Sunday Holy
Monday Dark
Tuesday Flame
Wednesday Ice
Thursday Non-elemental
Friday Lightning
Saturday Recovery

The assignment of magick type by day is chiefly based on the Japanese days of the week. Sunday is 日曜日 (nichiyoubi), which is 'Sun day'. Monday is 月曜日 (getsuyoubi), which is 'Moon day'. Tuesday is 火曜日 (kayoubi) or 'Fire day', Wednesday is 水曜日 (suiyobi) or 'Water day', while Thursday is 木曜日 (mokuyoubi) or 'Wood day'. Friday is 金曜日 (kinyobi) or 'Gold day' and lastly Saturday is 土曜日 (doyoubi) or 'Earth day'.

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